MAY 07

Annual Homeowners Meeting: May 7, 2018

Our 2018 annual homeowners meeting will be Monday, May 7th. This meeting includes election of officers, an update on the health of the association, and a discussion about proposed declaration changes. All homeowners are encouraged to attend. Watch your mailbox for agenda, time, and location.

JUL 19

Board of Directors Meeting: July 19, 2018

All Ashbury homeowners are welcome and encouraged to attend. Time and location are communicated to homeowners prior to meeting.

Rules & Regulations

The governing documents of the Ashbury are the Declaration and the Rules and Regulations which apply to all residents. To make this information easy to find, we have posted it below.

Ashbury Declaration
Ashbury Bylaws
Ashbury Resident Rules and Regulations
Instructions for Using Rooftop BBQ

Questions relating to the Rules and Regulations can be directed to the Ashbury Association Manager and the Ashbury Board.

  • Keeping Our Building Safe

    We all play a part in keeping our home safe and secure. Meet visitors at the front door, bring in packages from the outside, and wait to ensure no one has entered the garage as you are exiting or followed you in before door has closed completely.

  • Reminder to Owners Renting Their Condo

    If a condo unit is available for rent the minimum term of rental is one year. All Rules and Regulations apply to renters as well as owners. A unit may not be rented to be used as a commercial place of business.

  • Rooftop Deck

    The rooftop deck is a place for all residents to enjoy. For the safety and comfort for all, pets and smoking are not permitted on the rooftop deck. Thank you.


Ashbury Association Manager

Please contact Don Carden of the Copeland Group for maintenance and repairs concerning needs of the building common areas.

In the case of an after-hours emergency in your unit or the building and to avoid the possibility of additional damages contact The Copeland Group, phone number 206.388.0180 and follow the prompts. Your call will be returned shortly for further information. You may also contact a Board member for assistance.

Don Carden, The Copeland Group
Office: 206.388.0180

Board of Directors

Please contact the members of the board for any policy needs.
Sheila McLaren, President
Diane Calvert, Treasurer
Denise Su, Secretary

In Emergency, call: 911

Call 911 any time there’s a threat to life or property, such as an accident, a crime, a fire, or a medical emergency. Call 911 when there is suspicious activity involving a person or vehicle that appears to have criminal intent. Call 911 in any situation that require immediate dispatch of an officer. If you have to call 911, remain calm and patient, answer the dispatcher’s questions, follow their instructions, and remain on the line until the call taker tells you to hang up.

The non-emergency number is: 206.625.5011

Non-emergencies include reporting a nuisance, such as a noise or parking complaint, reporting a non-emergency crime — one that did not just occur, and the suspects are not in the immediate area, and if you have questions about something suspicious, and you are not sure it is a criminal activity. In some instances, an officer will be sent out to take your statement in person, or your report may be processed over the phone, or you will be referred to complete a police report online.

If you see something, say something.